family memories through traditions

Creating Family Memories Through Traditions

As moms we have a huge part in setting the tone for our family. We desire for our children to be friends and care about one another. As moms we want them to know they are loved and can confide in us. All while setting an example of a healthy, loving marriage for them. All of this doesn’t happen by simply co-existing. We have to be intentional, by making time to be together and setting the atmosphere for moments that make family memories which connect us to one another.

How can you be intentional about making moments that create family memories?

I think one of the best ways to establish lasting family memories is through traditions. As our children have gotten older I have loved hearing them reminisce about our family traditions and the many memories we have made in the process of celebrating life together.

Why are traditions important?

  1. Traditions help us teach values.
  2. They guide us through the seasons, giving us something to look forward to and celebrate together.
  3. Daily life can be fast paced. Traditions cause us to slow down and be intentional.
  4. Traditions create lasting memories.
  5. Family is a gift. Enjoying traditions together helps us recognize that. It reminds us that we are part of something special. Just as no two people are the same, no two families are the same either.

There are so many ways we can instill traditions in our family. You have probably already implemented some of these without even realizing it.

4 Kinds of Traditions:

  1. Seasonal Traditions – holidays, birthdays, events
  2. Daily Traditions – ways you connect as a family on a day to day basis – eating meals together, bedtime routines, having a snack together after school while they tell you about their day
  3. Weekly Traditions – Saturday morning breakfast, family game night or movie night
  4. Life Events – first day of school pictures, celebrating a new home or baby

As you can see, traditions aren’t just about how we celebrate a certain holiday. They are also built into our everyday life. When we come together with the familiar, the things that are unique to our family it creates a strong, emotional bond with each other.

Through the years, our family has established many traditions and we enjoy adding new ones too. They have helped give our family our own identity and given us memories that we cherish. I’ll be sharing about many of our traditions throughout the year, so check back in from time to time. Whether you are wanting to start establishing some family traditions or are looking for some new ideas to make more memories with your family, you may find my list of family traditions helpful.

traditions help families grow stronger

What are some of your favorite family traditions? I would love to hear them and possibly try them with my family. 🙂



9 thoughts on “Creating Family Memories Through Traditions

  1. Thanks for the great reminder about family traditions holding such an importance in family identity! I am definitely looking at your list. My kids are young, but we are implementing family fun night traditions each week, whether that’s game night or going out and doing something fun together as a family like iceskating or bowling. We have to plan ahead though, so the business of the world doesn’t take precedence over family time!

    1. It’s awesome you are making traditions a priority in your family. Family fun night is a great idea. It’s so important to have fun together. We’ve had some great nerf wars through the years. 😉


  2. Seasonal traditions are some of my favorite, as it gives our family something to look forward to each season year after year. So many Christmas traditions! We also love a good movie night on the weekends, complete with candy and popcorn!


  3. I love traditions! With Valentine’s Day coming up, I always have a themed picnic with my girls!

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