“Visit” South Korea During the Olympics

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In my last post I shared how our family uses the Olympics as a time to “travel” the world by studying a different country each day. I would love to help your family make memories “traveling” too. I’ll start by explaining my planning process. Then I’ll share our plan for the first day of the Winter Olympics, “visiting” South Korea.

Choose your countries:

  • Decide if you want to “visit” a different country all 17 days of the Olympics, only on school days, or just a few days. It’s up to you and your family’s schedule. We chose only school days so our weekends would be free. That comes to 11 days for us which will be a total of 11 countries we will be visiting.
  • Now for the fun part, choose your countries! I went to Wikipedia and researched the top competing countries in the Winter Olympics. For the most part I chose the highest ranking ones. However, a few other factors came into play, such as, could I easily find a special treat, did we have any resources already on hand, and would we hopefully like their cuisine. The only given for our family is that we always travel to the host country on opening day. So I knew South Korea would be my first choice and only had to choose 10 more.

Come up with clues:

  • Find out some fun trivia about each country and/or print some pictures for your clues.

Find things for their “luggage”:

  • I found most of the snacks and candy at my local Kroger grocery store, but will make a few special purchases on Amazon. These treats help us experience each country in a unique way because they activate 3 of our senses: sight, smell, and taste, so I don’t mind splurging a little bit.
  • Find anything else you would like to include. Some ideas would be: pictures, postcards, souvenirs, or activities you are going to do.


  • Decide what resources you will use to explore each country.
  • Find activities your family will enjoy. I mentioned some ideas in my last post. Pinterest would also be a great place to search.
  • Plan your recipes. I’ll be sharing mine to my Olympic Pinterest board, you are welcome to follow it for ideas.

If you’re visual, like I am, then sometimes it helps to see things for yourself.

Before you read our plan please be aware there are so many ways to have fun with this and make it your own.                  Feel free to pick and choose what would be fun for your family.

Here is our “itinerary” for our “trip” to South Korea:


I’ll be texting the following clues to my kids, because they are older and have phones. In the past I posted clues around the house.

  1. I found the first clue which is a picture on pexels.com.
  2. This country is home to Samsung.
  3. “Gangnam Style” originated in this country.

Pack the Luggage:

Even though my little guys won’t care much about the rest of our “traveling” they will still get daily treats in their luggage, so I have 4 to prepare each day. For South Korea I had no problem finding snacks on the Asian food aisle at my local Kroger grocery store. I found 4 different bags of snacks and a box of Choco Pies which has 6 pies in the box. Each child will get a bag of snacks and one Choco Pie. We’ll all taste the different bags though. 😉 We won’t have such a big assortment everyday, it was just easy to find these snacks. Some days everyone will each get the same kind of candy or snack.#onionrings #koreansnacksThe easiest way to tell where your snack is made is to check the back. Trust me…check…not everything that says “Swiss Chocolate” is actually from Switzerland. 😉 #madeinsouthkoreaI’ll also be putting a stamp from the Eat Your Way Around the World cookbook inside for them to glue on the outside of their box. That’s it just a couple snacks and a stamp. Such an easy way to learn about another country and create memories.

Here are the resources we’ll be using to “explore” South Korea:


  • Paint South Korea’s flag onto rocks.
  • We are going to work The Global Puzzle so names of different countries and their locations are fresh in our minds during the Opening Ceremony that evening.


We’ll be enjoying our Korean dinner as we watch the Opening Ceremony, which is sure to be full of Korean culture and history. I’m so excited to try these recipes.

Well that wraps up our first day of “travel” on our itinerary.

I hope you have been encouraged to make memories with your family during the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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  1. We love to travel around the world through the Olympics too! We read books about the various countries, try out new foods, root for our favorite teams (often picked based on flags or outfits), and watch the documentaries about the various athletes and their homes. I co- host a learning link party on Tuesdays and we’d love for you to link up with us. http://ourunschoolingjourney.com

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