Motherhood consists of many seasons, from the expectant mother to the mother of an adult and all the stages in between. Many times as mothers we are in multiple seasons at once. As our children grow and change so do we, because with each new season comes new blessings and new challenges.

Why I started the Many Seasons of Motherhood Blog?

Being a mom is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, but it isn’t easy. I started this blog to come along side other moms as they experience their own seasons of motherhood.

What can you expect?

As moms we wear many different hats; I try to offer help and support for a few of them. This is what you can expect to find here:

Mommy Moments – posts written to encourage, inspire, and guide you.

Food – I love cooking for my family. I hope you’ll enjoy trying some of my family’s favorite dishes.

Foster/Adoption – Adoption is one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me and my family. God showed me so much on our journey. I hope our experience can help and bless others.

Homeschooling – I have been blessed to homeschool our children for the last 14 years. I’ve learned a lot along the way and hope to support other moms with our experience.

Family Time – As my older children have grown up I’ve witnessed the role family traditions and time together have played in creating a strong family bond. I hope to encourage moms to make memories with their families.

Videos – These are to help you get to know me and my family better. You’ll find a variety of videos including: recipes, homeschooling related, product reviews, object lessons, and some just for fun videos. For more videos check out our YouTube channel: Many Seasons of Motherhood .


Contact Information: misty@manyseasonsofmotherhood.com