The Many Seasons of Motherhood

When we first started fostering, we went from having 3 older children that were pretty self-reliant to also having 2 little ones that needed us for everything. It had been a while and in some ways was like being a new parent all over again. One day as I was chasing a toddler and calming a baby in my arms, a dear friend reassured me, “It’s just a season.” That simple phrase spoke volumes to my heart. I realized at that time that motherhood in general is full of seasons, seasons that come and seem to last forever, but then are suddenly gone. Seasons that come and leave too quickly. Seasons that mark development from having a newborn to encouraging your adult child. Motherhood is full of beautiful, sometimes challenging seasons. But each season is amazing and wonderful in its own right.

At the start of this blog, I am currently in many seasons of motherhood myself:

The Toddler/Preschool Season

Our little guys are 2 and 3. This season is full of cuddles, tantrums, laughter, energy, melt-downs, diapers, discovery, messes, and so much more. Smiles and giggles that melt your heart make this sometimes physically, exhausting season worth every second.

The Pre-Teen Season

Our youngest daughter is 12. This season is full of mood swings, giggles, fashion, friends, questions, new interests, and change. The pre-teen season is great for bonding as you start to have similar interests and share inside jokes.

The Teen Season

Our oldest daughter is 16. The teen season is full of fun, discussion, listening as they ponder their future plans, new life experiences, friends, and guidance. The first time I experienced this season, I realized the importance other people, be it friends, teachers, co-workers, or other adults would play in shaping my child.

The Adult Season

Our oldest is 18 and starting his first year of college. We are still in the beginning stages of this season. This season is full of emotions, gratitude, and encouragement. In the same way as the seasons before, it has its challenges, such as letting go, missing him, and just the change of the family in general. Seeing your child become the person God created them to be is one of the many blessings that come with this season though.

Are you currently going through a challenging season of motherhood? If so, remind yourself, “It is just a season.” This season will change into a new season with new challenges. In the midst of those seasons, when the days seem to run together, cherish the precious moments that come with each season. Take time to reflect on how each season is growing you and don’t forget to enjoy the unique and incredible person your child is becoming.

What current season(s) of motherhood are you in?