Valentine’s Day Traditions for Your Family

What pops in your head when someone mentions Valentine’s Day? Perhaps, hearts, special dates for couples, flowers, chocolate, miniature cards at children’s parties? All of those are fun, but through the years Valentine’s Day has morphed into one of our favorite family traditions. It’s become a time when we celebrate our love for each other.

Would you like some new ideas on ways you could start making Valentine’s memories with your family?

Family Traditions to Celebrate on Valentine's Day - Make Memories Together

Here are some Valentine’s Day traditions that our family enjoys:

  1. Spaghetti and Meatball Dinner – What makes spaghetti and meatballs so special? It’s like any tradition, as you do it every year, you make memories and start to look forward to it. No matter what we have going on in life, we slow down and enjoy our Valentine’s dinner together.

Valentine's Day Family Tradition - Spaghetti and Meatballs

Here are the little details that make it memorable:

  • We spread the same checkered tablecloth over the table every year.
  • We use the “fancy” glasses.
  • I don’t make meatballs very often, so everyone looks forward to having them.
  • There is always some yummy bread on the table. I change up what kind from year to year, sometimes it’s breadsticks, garlic toast, or garlic knots.

2. Box of Chocolates – What would Valentine’s Day be without chocolate? I get each member of our family a small box of chocolates. They are about $1 each and have fun designs on the front. I choose the designs that fit each person’s personality.

Family traditions on Valentine's Day

3. “I Love You Because” Notes – We write things we love about each other on hearts and give them to each other during our dinner. You could also tape the hearts to bedroom doors leading up to Valentine’s Day. The notes are really meaningful and make everyone feel loved.

4. Give Someone a “Heart Attack” – This is a fun way to spread the love during Valentine’s and make some great memories in the process. Start by cutting out some paper hearts. Choose another family or person that you would like to give a “Heart Attack.” Then write jokes, notes of thanks, memories, etc. on the hearts. Now for the exciting part, sneak over to the family’s home and tape the hearts to their front door or windows of their car without them seeing you. Our kids have such a great time running up and taping the hearts on as fast as they can, all while trying not to get caught. You can also fill an envelope or small box with hearts to send a “heart attack” to a loved one that lives far away.

Fun Valentine's Tradition

That wraps up our family’s Valentine’s Day traditions.

If your family has some of your own Valentine’s traditions I would love to hear them! 


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